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Meet Nour

“I`m thankful for everyone. The staff, team and everyone running Matthew House Ottawa. The house might be small but what makes up the house is the people, residents and volunteers. I`m thankful for that spirit.”

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It has been several years since Brian has been able to cite his own address. In the past, Brian struggled with a number of life issues which eventually left him living on the streets and in shelters. MHO is proud to be one of the many community services that has had an opportunity to support Brian on his road to success.

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Rafael, Honduras

I was selected to participate in a youth exchange between Canada and Honduras. Due to my work, I was threatened by individuals that discriminated against my ethnic group. Shortly after, my cousin was assassinated in Honduras. It is for this reason that I decided to seek refuge in Canada. I spent five months homeless and in poor conditions in Canada. After some time, I finally found Matthew House Ottawa. There, I found a family, peace, security and emotional and spiritual support.

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