Imagine you left your own country because you were afraid for your safety. Or imprisonment. Or persecution. Discrimination. War.

We encounter individuals just like this every day at Matthew House Ottawa: Refugee Services from every corner of the globe. These people arrive in Canada seeking protection and freedom from persecution. Refugee Services is able to provide short-term accommodation for up to eight refugee claimants. It also provides residents with access to an established support network thanks to the participation of our faithful volunteers; an immeasurable asset to someone new to Canada. Refugee Services is not just a transient place to live but a real home supported by caring individuals; a place where people can know they are among friends.

Refugee Services is part of a growing network founded to help refugee claimants by providing a place to live while they attempt to build a future in Canada. The first Matthew House was started in Toronto in 1998. Since then, other Matthew Houses have been established in Windsor and Fort Erie. Matthew House Ottawa: Refugee Services was founded in 2010. Our mission is to provide shelter, food and refugee settlement assistance, including volunteer opportunities, in a family atmosphere to refugee claimants so that they may begin their journey to independence as members in Canadian society.

*If you wish to donate items to MHO:RS, please contact us ahead of time to ensure there is a need for specific items.

Immediate Donation Needs (Updated OCTOBER 2018):

  • Self-Care Products (Soap Bars, Deodorant, Shampoo, Lotion)

  • Grocery gift cards (to purchase food and household items at the house)



MHO Refugee Services relies on the financial support of the community to operate.



MHO - refugee services

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