Buddy-Up Program


We offer a volunteer-based matching program which links established Canadians with newcomers to Ottawa. MHO residents are paired with local volunteers, who help the newcomer transition into their new country and develop lasting community friendships.

The program seeks to address two key difficulties faced by newcomers: Lack of familiarity with Canadian values, traditions, and institutions, and lack of community to support them in their transition. Whereas Canadians have grown accustomed to the needs and expectations of life in Canada, newcomers may not possess the “common knowledge” we as Canadians take for granted.

Potential volunteers will be matched with newcomer residents within the first few months of their arrival at MHO. Each volunteer will commit to seeing the newcomer for approximately 1-2 hours per week for 6 months. This time commitment can change depending on the preferences of both the volunteer and the newcomer.

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