Dina (Former Iraqi Refugee)

Hello, my name is Dina and I am currently studying at Algonquin College to be a Social Service Worker. I heard about Matthew House Ottawa through my co-op teacher. I had told my professor that I wanted to work with newcomers in Canada because I have the experience of knowing how hard and difficult it can be to come to a new country with no support, especially after the situations they could have come from.

When I came to Canada, I came as a refugee with my family because of war in Iraq, and the threats we had received because we practice a different religion than others in Iraq. My family and I moved to live in Syria in a refugee camp called El –Hol because it was a lot safer for us than staying in Iraq. We lived there for almost 2 years. It was hard for us to live there because there wasn’t any clean water or food. After about 2 years, a private agency sponsored us to come to Canada with 18 other refugees. It was difficult for me and my family to come to a new country, but the good thing that it was safer and the laws in Canada allow us to be accepted as we are. My own experience as a refugee is why I wanted to work with Matthew House Ottawa. I want newcomers to live in Canada, be safe, and feel welcome. I want to help refugees who are in need of support. I chose Matthew House Ottawa to learn how to best help people in need and show them the freedom they have here in Canada.

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